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Biological Control

Biological control of weeds is the use of one organism to control another. Classical biological control is the introduction of control agents – usually insects – into a region that is not part of their natural range, to permanently reduce the populations of selected weeds usually also introduced into the region. REDUCE, not GET RID OF!

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Biological Control Insects for Knapweed (139.11 KB)
Information on biocontrol insects for spotted knapweed in our area
Biological Control Insects for Toadflax (157.02 KB)
Information on biocontrol insects for toadflax in our area
Biological Control of Weeds (295.11 KB)
Information about using biological controls to control your weeds.
Biocontrols for Rush skeletonweed (223.67 KB)
Information about available biocontrols for rush skeletonweed.
Goats for Noxious Weed Control (1.76 MB)
Extension publication on managing goats for noxious weed control.